The Human Being – A Miracle of Development

An unjustly forgotten plea for humanity

by Moritz Nestor

Entwicklungswunder Mensch

The front cover of the book “Entwicklungswunder Mensch” (The Human Being – A Miracle of Development) by Hans-Dieter Schmidt and Evelyn Richter (1980) shows in A4 format the photo of a mother’s tender hand, around whose little finger clenches the little fist of her a few months old beloved child. No font disrupts the image. The peculiar meaning, inherent in coarse-grained black-and-white photos, directly affects the reader’s soul. Could there be a more beautiful symbol for the essentially human which is shown in this photo? A child and his mother, me and you. The primal scene of human life: the motherly love life begins with. The eternal in mankind’s history: “A new light is lit, a star that will perhaps burn in an unusually beautiful way ... A new being ... kisses the earth ...” (p. 5).

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What matters in raising children Dealing with the children’s needs

by Dr Anita Schächter

Which parental concern is greater than the concern for the child to find his way in life? Parents find fulfilment in watching their child making friends, enjoying school, being able to empathize with others, being helpful, and being able to handle both his feelings and defeat. Briefly – to be emotionally competent. How can I introduce my child into life so that he fulfils his tasks in life?

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The comprehensive education of his students is the teacher’s task

“A well-functioning and well-instructed classroom community is of crucial importance”

by Dr phil Alfred Burger, Headmaster

It often happens in our school that very interesting children are registered who have failed in school in spite of their high intelligence. In most cases they come to us with a long history of “clearing-ups” and diagnoses, which are not helpful, though. Instead of blaming the genes or looking for other speculative conditions as a cause for the problems, one should come back to and draw on the well-proven insights of pedagogy which are based on sound anthropology, i.e. a personalist view of the human being.

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Strengthening the family

by Erika Vögeli

In all cultures, it is the family that represents the basis and heart of human community. As a social being, man depends on solid human relationships for his entire physical, spiritual and intellectual development. In the ‘social womb’ of the family (Albert Portmann), being the very first human community, the child experiences the emotional support which is a fundamental influence to the development of his entire personality. The family is seen as the natural social entity, anthropologically as well as psychologically, which can provide for the development of the human being best.

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The power of empathy leading the way

Impact of positive and negative expectations on the development of children

by Corinna Schmied, psychologist and remedial teacher, and Dipl paed lic phil Renate Caesar

Teachers, parents or other people in the children’s environment often approach the child with certain assumptions, theories or beliefs. Every expectation, whether conscious or unconscious, has implications for the child’s further development, and may bear fruit either in the negative or in the positive way. Therein lie both a great responsibility and at the same time a great opportunity.

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From the personalist view of the human being to the psychiatrization of child behaviour

Ever new educational reforms lead to an increase of learning difficulties and mental disorders in children

by Dr Andreas Bau, Hackborn

cc. To understand, assess and be able to classify current events and developments, we need to be capable of surveying social, economic and political developments over a long period and with a keen mind and to assess them with reference to their humaneness. The resulting insights can point the way ahead and will serve the good of all. This also applies to the fields of education and medicine (social sciences), as the following article most impressively illustrates.

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